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chris-lisa.jpg        Like essential oils, our story is very plant based. We are zealous about horticulture and really self-starting kind of people. We love a challenge and the  feeling of accomplishment of attaining a successful goal. Our business  statement has always begun with searching for quality products, continued with  proper care of our quality products, an on-going pursuit of knowledge, and to be  of service to those who purchase from us.

We founded, and have owned and operated Christen Farm Nursery, a garden center in Onalaska, WI for 21 years. It has been a family operated business that's supported by our knowledgeable staff. We have passion and concern for the environment that we all live in and will pass on to our future family, staff and customers.

As we begun our journey into the essential oil world 15 years ago for our own personal use, we encouraged our staff to get the chemicals and synthetics out of their lifestyle as well. This exploration evolved into the question of why aren't we selling quality grade oils to our longtime garden center customers? We knew that the use of aromatherapy and essential oils to supplement and support our physical and emotional well being is a refreshing alternative to synthetics.

So, we set upon a path of becoming not only a source for essential oils for aromatic and therapeutic value, but also an educated resource for the benefits and for the possible safety issues. Essential oils are extracted from plants, flowers, trees, seeds, nuts and fruit.  Therefore they are a perfect fit for the independent garden center and its staff. Just the passage alone that the oils go on, from grower, distiller and to consumer is a fascinating horticultural story. We started our own essential oil company, Garden Clarity Essential Oils so we could seek out the highest quality oils and blend our own blends for supporting physical and emotional health. This has been a fantastic adventure thus far, and it has only just begun.

On staff we have a Certified Aroma-therapist, one of our owners Christine P. Christen, who wants to express that, not all consumers completely understand the complex make-up of essential oils, or the safety and toxic issues of some of these oils. There are also a wide range of oils, fragrance oils that have no therapeutic value, other than they have an aroma. On the other end of the spectrum are the 100% pure therapeutic grade oils which are highly concentrated and expensive. It takes a huge volume of plants, leaves, flowers, roots and wood to produce these 100% pure essential oils, therefore the economical and environmental factors must be considered also. There are many qualified and experienced people in this aromatherapy field doing all they can to educate the public online, published articles, books and webinars. There are also many, not so qualified or experienced people selling fragrance and adulterated versions of essential oils. It is critical that, as this industry works its way into our independent garden centers, where there are qualified staff that understand plants and plant care products, that the staff be qualified to assist and to guide the consumer into the beautiful journey of aromatherapy with an educated hand as well. It is our promise to have quality oils from growers and distillers that produce 100% pure oils, of a therapeutic grade and to guide our valuable clients, at our store, online and in all aspects of our business to an empowering and exciting life with essential oils.

“Virtuosity is what you get when you combine the practical results of hard work, mixing it in with extra effort and blending it all with enthusiasm and passion.

Virtuosity is taking the same skill everybody does-and doing it better (1).”

Anyone can sell plants or essential oils, but to do it with integrity, knowledge, enthusiasm and passion is a reward for the business, the staff and the client. Please join us in this beautiful world of essential oils, feel better by using the bounty of the earth's plants.

Garden Clarity Essential Oils

Christine P Christen and Lisa A. Rensberry




Vidmar, Peter, Risk, Originality & Virtuosity Leading Authorities Press, 2002 (1)